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The quotes below were written about the original version 1.0 TFS, not the new TFS2. The TFS2 is better than the original v1.0 in every measurable way. With that in mind, people who have used the original TFS Tactile Feedback System have allowed us to make their opinions available for you to read. They have not been compensated for their words. We've listed the email address of the author if we were given the OK to do so. Contact them directly if you like! If at some point you have a reaction you'd like to share on this page, just send your email to us at, and we'll post it for everyone to read. Just be sure to let us know if you are OK with us posting your email address!


"Ever since getting my tactile feedback system hooked up, all my flights have been far more realistic! I think what VRF has done here, is make the ultimate flight simmer's hardware addon. It's easy to use, comfortable to sit on, and works great! You can take it anywhere and hook up the entire system in minutes. I get great vibrations for the runway, changes in engine power, rumbling landing gear movements and more! You can even adjust the vibration level to really shake your teeth out. Just like a real airplane, the seat-of-the-pants feeling you get makes the entire flying experience much more realistic. After a while, I forget I even have the system hooked up! I only know something's missing if I fly on a friend's machine that doesn't have this system. Once you use this system, you won't want to fly without it!"
Peter James, Lead Designer for one of the top 4 civilian flight sims and a licensed commercial pilot and instructor
(we can't mention the product he worked on by name, but he's in the credits)

"The TFS (Tactile Feedback System) is the most incredible thing I have seen come out for the gaming community. It gives you the feel of being there through the use of tactile feedback. You can feel your engines rumble & your guns shake your airplane as they fire and many other effects like landing gear movement, stall buffeting, ground explosions, flak explosions... and not by having a huge speaker under your 6 "Rearend"!!! This is what the sim community has been waiting for. I like it so much I'm doing everything I can to get word out about this unit, it is AWESOME!!! I think that as soon as this word gets out about the unit and the community starts using it, it will be as common as any other gaming hardware. You wont believe this until you try it!!"
Scott Gorman, WarBirds 22nd F/B Group "RED RAIDERS" Commanding Officer, Red Raiders Web Master, web site: WWW.RED-RAIDERS.COM,

"I'm an avid flight sim junkie and play WarBirds extensively both on and offline. I have purchased a device called a Tactical Feedback System made by VRF Corp. This device is awesome and works both with and without support by any given game. I consider this piece of hardware an integral part of my HOTAS system and would just as soon give up my rudder pedals than fly without the TFS now!!"
CPT. Bill "synerg" West,

"I must say that I am rather impressed with The Tactile Feedback System. I am sure when the word gets out the WarBirds Community will all have one. The realistic qualities of the chair heighten the game even more. I truly am impressed with it. Unlike other systems, it combs to your every move. It makes the game even more realistic, and feels like you're in a real combat situation. I can't wait to see your other products :)"
a.k.a. MOON, she handled the registrations for the WarBirds 99 Convention.


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